Our goal at Mo-Mentum Fitness is to help you create your most extraordinary life through fitness, mindset and community.  Right before we were ordered to quarantine, we decided to start our virtual group fitness classes on Zoom.  


We chose Zoom because it’s more important than ever right now and in the future that we all stay connected.  We are better able to coach you during your group fitness classes because we can see you and talk to you and you can talk to us and your new tribe.  Zoom really is the next best thing to being here at Mo-Mentum Fitness in person.  


Right now, it’s even more imperative that we each take maniacal care of our body, mind and spirit every single day so we can feel better and be our best for our families, friends and careers.  


Whether you’ve taken a long hiatus from exercise or you’re just looking for something new, try out our group fitness classes today. We have a variety of classes for you to choose from including that are designed to meet you at your fitness level today. 

Cycle Circuit Training (CCT): You’ll need a piece of cardio equipment like a stationary bike, rower, or elliptical machine to do this class on Zoom.

Strength Circuit Training (SCT): You can use dumbbells, kettlebells, mini-bands, tubing, medicine balls or none of the above.  You can use water bottles, and other household items to lift until you can buy weights.  

 The items below are optional and you can decide which items you need during your 30-minute on-line strategy session with one of our trainers.

  • Mini bands 
  • Tubing
  • Dumbbells 
  • Stability Ball 

Yoga and Yin Yoga: You’ll need a yoga mat, yoga blocks, a strap (or belt) and blankets or a yoga bolster (you can order these things or use pillows and other house hold items as substitutes.

Pop Pilates: All you need is a yoga mat. 

Boxing: You don’t need any equipment for this class, just your body! 

Small Group Personal Training: You will work with your trainer to decide the best equipment for your needs.

Call us TODAY at (714)756-1501 or email us at info@mo-mentumfitness today to set up your 30-minute strategy session so we can help you best reach your goals and help you develop the best plan for you. 


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