Mo-Mentum Fitness Class Descriptions

Mo-Mentum Fitness group fitness classes are high energy, inspiring and specifically programmed to fit your needs. Whether you’re joining our GET STRONG classes for a full body strength workout, GET FIT classes for metabolic training,  GET CENTERED for recharging or GET GRIT classes to reconnect with your inner boxer, Mo-Mentum Fitness classes are designed to meet you where you are today (beginner, intermediate, advanced, tired or fired up) and help care for your mind, body and spirit.

All Classes
[' Weight Lifting',' Running',' Push Ups',' Climbing']
[' Core',' Balance',' Climbing',' High Intensity']
[' Running',' Push Ups',' Climbing',' Beginners',' Kids']
['Calories',' Core',' High Intensity']
[' Muscle Gain',' Weight Lifting',' Beginners']
[' Core',' Balance',' Muscle Gain']
['Calories',' Core',' Spin',' High Intensity']