Mo-Mentum Fitness: Our commitment to your highest level of safety.

Our pledge to you is to be a SAFE PLACE, a SANCTUARY from the outside stressors of life, and to be a STRESS-FREE ZONE so you can create STRENGTH inside and out that will stand the test of time. We are here to serve you! 


We are ALL here to EXERCISE safely and effectively, which we know will help you reduce stress and thus increase your overall health and the ability to live extraordinarily and SPREAD POSITIVE ENERGY. 


To keep everyone healthy and enjoying our time back inside our doors together, please read our Health and Safety Protocols section listed below. We will be following these protocols in accordance with the California Department of guidance document published June 5, 2020. 


This year we have all had to adapt at a new level. 

We have all had to learn at a new level.

We will all be adapting and learning for quite some time. 

This will be both exhausting and exhilarating. But this is growth. 


Remember whether you are physically here at Mo-Mentum or here via Zoom, give yourself permission to be 100% in the moment while keeping your BEST future in mind. You are always here with us and together we will continue growing stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually as we spread positive energy for hope and healing.


-Amanda and Team Mo 

Health and Safety Protocols 

In order to protect the health and safety of our visitors, staff and members, we ask everyone who enters Mo-Mentum Fitness to adhere to the following Health and Safety Guidelines, as well as review our Revised Class Information section. Thank you for your cooperation!

  • Please observe care for each other:  If you have any symptoms of not being well or are currently ill, please stay home, until you no longer have any symptoms. We want to support every member, visitor and staff member in their endeavor to live extraordinarily as we create a healthy and safe environment for everyone.
  • All visitors, members and staff temperature check:  All who enter are kindly asked to take their temperature at home, before coming to our gym. If your temperature is higher than 100.3, please reconsider your visit. If you have any concerns about exposure or experience signs of illness, please contact your doctor. It’s important for all of us to remain vigilant about our own health and wellness, and to be thoughtful of others around us. Our Zoom program offers live classes via Zoom as well as a library of digital workouts that you can do at home to keep up your fitness until you are better.
  • Member, staff, and visitor physical distancing to be practiced at all times:  Per the State of California, California Dept. of Health guidelines, we ask all members, staff and visitors to maintain a 6’ distance from each other. Further, Mo-Mentum Fitness has a revised limited capacity for each in-person class, personal training session, group training sessions, and semi-private training sessions. Only those engaged in exercise or with an appointment will be allowed into the gym to minimize personal contact and adhere to the limited capacity and personal distancing guidelines. Children are not allowed to come to the gym, unless they are signed up for a class. We ask that parents drop their children off for their assigned class, and return when your child’s class is over. Please make sure your contact information is updated with our front desk.
  • Wearing Masks inside the facility are strongly recommended:  All staff, members and visitors are encouraged by the Dept. of Health to bring and wear their own mask during their time interacting with other people and when entering or leaving our facility and/or during workouts. Masks are available should you need or prefer to wear one. If you do not wear a mask, we ask all staff, members and visitors to maintain the physical distancing guidelines set forth of 6’ from other members, staff or visitors. If you see an employee, member or visitor wearing a mask, please be respectful of their choice to do so. Likewise, if you do not see an employee, member or visitor wearing a mask, please feel free to wear a mask, and respect the choice of others. We, Mo-Mentum Fitness, are not requiring everyone to wear a mask; however, we encourage and respect your choice to do so. If you wear a mask while working out, please be sure to stay hydrated and periodically step away and remove your mask to as to allow for constant flow of oxygen to avoid possible dizziness or loss of breath or any other sudden illness.
  • Members must bring their own towel, mat, water bottles, etc.:  Our towel service will be stopped until we are out of Phase 4 of COVID-19. If you plan to take a class, which requires a mat, please bring your own mat. In addition, water brought from home is preferred; however, you may purchase a bottle for $1 at the front desk. If you have your own equipment, such as dumbbells, mini bands, straps, etc., please feel free to bring your own. If you are returning to in-person classes AND you borrowed equipment from Mo-Mentum Fitness, we ask that you return same upon your first visit. If you plan to continue taking classes from home via Zoom and you borrowed equipment, unless otherwise discussed with a team member, please feel free to keep said equipment until you return to in person classes. We also sell resistance bands for $5 at the front desk, if anyone needs one.
  • Members , staff and visitor arrival procedure:  To further protect everyone who enters our facility, we ask all members, staff and visitors to wash or sanitize their hands before and after a workout or before entering and leaving our facility. Touchless hand sanitizers have been placed throughout the entire gym, as well as hand soap placed in the restrooms for your convenience.
  • Member and staff post-work out protocol:  Please sanitize any and all equipment you have used during your work out. We have several orange buckets around the gym, which contain sanitize spray bottles and paper towels. We also have gloves, if you prefer to wear gloves, in order to sanitize before and/or after use of our gym equipment. If you are unwilling or unable to sanitize your equipment, please place a “Ready to Clean” sticker on your equipment and a staff member will sanitize it for you. All high touch and high traffic areas will be cleaned by a staff member, every 30 minutes, including before and after each class.
  • Restroom Use:  Markers will be placed to help guide you to the restrooms via the Dungeon (weight lifting room) while at the gym. For your safety, we are implementing one-way foot traffic as you are guided to move along the wall in order to adhere to physical distancing guidelines. Please be patient and courteous of others while doing so.
  • Post-class visitation:  For everyone’s safety, we will are asking members to visit each other outside rather than congregating in the classroom areas or reception area. We look forward to seeing everyone again but ask that you please continue all socializing outside where everyone has the space necessary to adhere to the social distancing guidelines.
  • CLASS SIZES FOR MEMBERS:  Group Fitness classes are limited to a MAXIMUM of 10 persons; Small Group Classes are limited to a MAXIMUM of 4 persons; Personal Training sessions are limited to 1 person; and, Semi-private sessions are limited to 2-3 persons. There will be a waitlist (for up to 10 members) for each class. If someone cancels, you will automatically be enrolled in the order you were waitlisted. You will receive a text message from MindBody, if you become enrolled after being waitlisted should someone cancel. Please text us @ (714) 266-1441, if you are continuously being waitlisted and/or having trouble enrolling into classes. We will monitor this every day. We are here to help.