Teen Sports Performance Training is a program designed to equip young athletes with knowledge of the fundamentals of strength and conditioning by focusing on quality techniques and safe movement patterns with a coach in a challenging environment. 


By placing emphasis on safe practices, our mission is to increase athletic potential through combinations of speed and agility training as well as specific strength development techniques to give athletes an advantage in competition and reduce the risk of injury to maximize gains during the off-season.

Teen athletes are not mini adults and, therefore, must have a progressive training approach specific to the unique needs of youth and adolescent athletes. We utilize age appropriate weight, speed, agility, power, endurance, and core strength that will allow our athletes to run faster, jump higher and hit harder to improve their performance where it counts, in the game. 

Our Teen Sports Performance Training meets twice a week to accommodate your athlete’s needs.

Mondays and Wednesdays: 


Available in 30 day packages for $190/month

Call us TODAY at (714)756-1501 or email us at info@mo-mentumfitness.com today to get signed up so we can help your athletes best reach their goals and help develop the best plan for them.