Personal Trainer, Group Small Group Personal Trainer

Born and raised in Southern California, Nick’s fitness journey started sophomore year in high school when his father dragged him to a functional fitness gym in Costa Mesa. He got his first taste of the fitness world at 16 years old and discovered the transformative effects of movement. Now, in addition to retaining a B.S. in Kinesiology from APU, Nick is a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist and strives every day to help others move better, look better, and feel better. Nick places heavy emphasis on developing safe and proper movement habits in order to create longevity of the body and breath life back into stagnant muscles that have laid dormant far too long. As a former athlete, Nick specializes in strength and conditioning having worked with many athletes from a variety of different sports. He currently runs our in-house strength and conditioning program for youth athletes. Expect to be met with a quirky smile, enthusiasm, and likely some bad dance moves. Get ready to enjoy working hard and leaving feeling accomplished!


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