We believe in group fitness because you are the average of the people you surround yourself with and humans thrive in supportive communities.

Whether you are looking for weight loss, strength training, better flexibility, better balance, cardio conditioning, Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi or a combination, our coaches, trainers, and instructors will help you enjoy your exercise program, for life!

Our Group Fitness classes offer: 

  • High intensity exercise without the high impact on your joints (which ultimately leads to injury) 
  • Sensible dynamic training through a variety of classes (too much of any exercise is never good) 
  • Accountability and motivation through community 

These classes are high energy, exceptionally inspiring and intentionally programmed to provide you with a wide range of exercises. Our classes are designed to meet you where you are today while helping care for your mind, body and spirit.  We understand our bodies function optimally through movement and grow when challenged. 

Our group fitness classes include: 


Our classes feel like personalized training in a group only much more fun. You will always work with a highly experienced, professional trainer.

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cct (cycle circuit training)

CCT classes offer a new take on traditional spin classes with frequent resistance training intervals of the bike.  These classes offer the most effective interval style, metabolic conditioning that will improve your cardiovascular endurance and strength without beating up your joints!  You’ll rev up your metabolism, tone your body & have fun too! 

In each class, you can expect to alternate between cycle drills and strength building exercises to improve both your cardiovascular efficency and overall strength.  You will use a variety of funcitional training equipment inluding kettlebells, ropes, medicine balls, sand bags, dumbbells, barbells and more.  You’ll sweat, laugh, get your mind right and melt fat right off of your body.  

60% of each CCT class is cardiovascular conditioning and 40% is strength training.

SCT (Strength CARDIO Training) 

SCT classes are designed to meet you where your strength is today and help you develop functional strength for life.  You can expect short bouts of cycle drills (4-5 min max) to help you increase the metabolic intensity of your workouts.  Everyone lifts at their own pace, challenging themselves according to their own goals.If you are serious about getting leaner and gaining the functional lifelong strength necessary to live a long vibrant life,you’ll want to participate in 2-4 SCT workouts every week.

80% of each SCT class is strength training and 20% or less is sprint/interval training.


These classes are designed to help you build functional, whole-body strength. Nothing compares to weight training when it comes to burning fat, diminishing belly fat, improving mood, increasing strength, building bone and enhancing self-confidence. Beginners welcomed!


An ultra mind/body, calorie-burning, muscle toning, and endurance-building workout. This class is good for every level as you also have the option to air box.
Be prepared to gain confidence in your body and mind, relieve stress and to burn a ton of calories.


Once a month, join Kristen for a self-defense class to help women and girls over the age of 10 learn new skills to help keep you and your loved ones safe. Kristen has been certified in R.A.D. self-defense since 2018, and has taught this workshop at Vanguard University for 3 years!


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Sensible dynamic training comes full circle with these classes including: A wide range of Yoga classes & our Stretching class with our very own Physical Therapist, Hue Ta.

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