The Best Trainer For Your Needs

We are dedicated to help you create your most extraordinary life through fitness (and nutrition) mindset and community.  

We will match you with the right trainer and program for your needs, and help you to create a schedule that works for you. 

Choose to workout with your trainer once a week as your anchor workout to motivate and keep you accountable. Or, choose two or three times a week, to attack your fitness goals with your no-excuses coach dedicated to help you be your best.   

We have all kinds of options! You can even mix and match your training routine by adding other services we offer like group fitness, small group personal training, or another trainer to add some variety to your routine! 

Whether you are looking for strength training, flexibility, cardio conditioning, Pilates, yoga or a combination, our coaches, trainers, and instructors will show you how to look forward to your training sessions.  

We Individualize Your Program For You

Our expert team at “Mo-Mentum Fitness” will create an individualized your program for you based on your fitness goals and personality.  You will be held accountable, motivated, assessed, and monitored, like never before.  If you want maximum results, personal training is your BEST option. 

 Services Available

  • Private, duos, trios
  • Athlete Training

30 Minute Personal Training Sessions

In addition to 60-minute coaching sessions, we offer 30-minute coaching sessions. Thirty minute sessions are great for those who are just beginning with exercise or if you’re just getting back into fitness after a long reprieve and you’re ready to get stronger and relocate your vibrancy again!  

30 minute personal training sessions are also great if you are limited on time and you’re trying to squeeze effective, shorter workouts into your life.  They’re also excellent if you just want to get a jumpstart on your fitness or you are recovering from an injury want to combine the benefits of having a coach and a personalized program with your group fitness classes or other workouts. 

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You’ll meet with one of our expert trainers so we can get to know you and help you decide on a program that is best for you to help you reach your goals. Follow the checkout prompt to purchase your FREE strategy session and someone will contact you shortly.