The Hot for The Holidays 6-week Transformational Challenge is a team challenge (that you can JOIN IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL!)

This challenge will help you transform your body (lose fat and tone your muscles), refresh your mindset, upgrade your eating and sleep habits, and it will help convert exercise to a habit instead of a chore. 

The Pre-Challenge week starts on October 5th and the official challenge start date is October 12th!

Meal Plans

Over 60 Delicious and Easy to Make whole food-based recipes

Shopping lists

6 weeks of dietician approved meal guides, shopping lists, success tips and strategies to help you get the best results possible.

private coaching

You will be working with a trainer/coach who will be guiding you through your transformation.

Challenge Benefits

Inbody analysis

Before and after In-Body, body composition analysis. This way you know you’re losing fat and not muscle.

Weight= Muscle+Fat+Water+Minerals

You’re more than just a number. 

A coach and a team

We tend to do more for our team than we do for ourselves.  Let’s face it, transformation is not easy but when you’re surrounded by like-minded people on a similar journey and passionate coaches who are all in to help you reach your goals…. you will be UNSTOPPABLE!

Unlimited Group fitness classes

Unlimited access to our Zoom and in-person group fitness classes!

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