The New Year, New You 6-week Transformational Challenge is a team challenge you can JOIN IN-PERSON or ONLINE!

This challenge will help you transform your body (lose fat and tone your muscles), refresh your mindset, upgrade your eating and sleep habits, and it will help convert exercise to a habit instead of a chore. 

The Pre-Challenge week starts on January 24th and the official challenge start date is January 29th!


Meal Plans

Over 60 Delicious and Easy to Make whole food-based recipes

Shopping lists

6 weeks of dietician approved meal guides, shopping lists, success tips and strategies to help you get the best results possible.

private coaching

You will be working with a trainer/coach who will be guiding you through your transformation.

Challenge Materials Preview

Challenge benefits

Inbody analysis

Before and after In-Body, body composition analysis. This way you know you’re losing fat and not muscle.

Weight= Muscle+Fat+Water+Minerals

You’re more than just a number. 

A coach and a team

We tend to do more for our team than we do for ourselves.  Let’s face it, transformation is not easy but when you’re surrounded by like-minded people on a similar journey and passionate coaches who are all in to help you reach your goals…. you will be UNSTOPPABLE!

Unlimited Group fitness classes

Unlimited access to our Zoom and in-person group fitness classes!

Client Testimonials

"I have done several Mo-Mentum Fitness Challenges and each time I learn new things and establish new habits that help me stay health and fit. If you're looking to improve your health, loose weight, and get fit, you won't find a better way than one of MMF's Challenges. The Hot for the Holidays 2021 Challenge has been awesome! I love how motivational the team coaches were and how all the team members were there to support each other through the challenge. Amanda shares so much great information throughout the challenge which teaches you not only about nutrition, but about mindset as well. Changing your mindset is the key to lifelong changes and a huge part of not only loosing weight, but have a healthy lifestyle as well. During this challenge I lost over 11 pounds, gained health eating habits, and established a mindset routine that will ensure I'll keep that weight off. I couldn't have done any of that without the team coaches, the other members of the team, and most of all, without Amanda there to guide us along this challenge. This challenge has been a great experience and I'm sure I'll be signing up again for another challenge in the future."
Cindy M.
Mo-Mentum Fitness Member
"During the pandemic I had fallen off the bandwagon of eating right and taking care of myself. I was in a funk. Going through each day kind of in a fog. Durning the challenge I learned that I'm not alone in my struggles to be healthy and the best that I can be. Be open and transparent with my team exposed my vulnerabilities and struggles and come to find out we all were challenged by a lot of the same issues. After the challenge I feel like my old self - strong, committed, and ready to face the opportunities and challenges presented to me. Let go of your excuses of why you can't do it. Change and growth can be scary but the support and guidance you receive during the Challenge is invaluable."
Mo-Mentum Fitness Member
"This was my first time jumping into a weight loss challenge. I have struggled with a negative body image and weight gain my entire life. I was hoping to find a community of people who were all focusing on the same goal - getting healthy. I would say that I certainly found that in this 6-week challenge. While my goals were inherently focused on weight loss, I found that I came to care less about the decline on the scale and more about how my body felt during and after exercises. I know I still have a lot of work to do, but instead of feeling unmotivated for not reaching all my goals at the end, I feel excited about all the progress I will be able to make. "
Mo-Mentum Fitness Member

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