March 2023 Superhero: Barbara Patz

Meet our Superhero of the Month for March: Barbara Patz!

I’m so excited to introduce you to Barbara Patz—also known as Barb—Mo-Mentum Fitness’ March Superhero of the Month!  

Barb is the person who shows up to her training session and gets right to work. She comes in here on a mission. She’s one of the first to introduce herself to our new members, and then she gets right back to work!

Barb is an inspirational force at Mo-Mentum!  

Barb started at Mo-Mentum Fitness in Huntington Beach in 2017. And soon after she started, she told me, “I want arms like yours, Amanda!” I was beyond flattered.   

Since that time, Barb’s arms have become significantly defined. I even find myself thinking, “Dang! If my arms look like hers….that’s a COMPLIMENT!”  

Barb started at Mo-Mentum with the hope of gaining muscle and therefore gaining some weight. If you had to reread that sentence … yes, you read it right!  

GAINING MUSCE MIGHT MEAN GAINING “WEIGHT” or not losing as much weight as that ideal number in your head, which you probably decided was a good “weight” for you way back in high school.   

What If You Decided Your Ideal Weight AFTER You Built Some Muscle and Felt AMAZING?  

When I do a strategy session with our new members, I always ask them what their ideal body weight would be. I ask this so we can get it out in the open and then work together to find their happy place with their body composition.  

Barb knew she wanted more muscle. She also knew that feeling her best didn’t necessarily depend on what the number on the scale said. 

Muscle is your engine for life. It determines whether or not you can get up the stairs, dance, run, get up and down off the ground, and carry babies, toddlers, and even groceries.  

Muscle makes it possible for you to carry your luggage on vacation, to get in and out of chairs, and to even use the bathroom, especially in other places where you need to squat to reach the pot!  

Muscle makes it possible to NOT trip, fall, and break a hip—whether you’re young or old! 

Muscle gives you energy and allows you to DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, WHEN YOU WANT TO DO IT, AND WITH WHOM YOU WANT TO DO IT WITH. 

Muscle can also be your largest endocrine organ (that means it releases hormones).  The hormones muscle releases are actually hormones that regulate your blood sugar and help you thrive!   

Muscle is small, firm, and heavier than fat. Fat is fluffy. When you gain muscle, your weight on the scale may not go down like you were hoping … it may even go up. HOWEVER, your waist size will most likely shrink, as well as your jean size. Woohoo! 

That’s why it’s important not to determine your “ideal weight” too soon. Instead, first focus on building muscle and feeling good.  

At Mo-Mentum Fitness in Huntington Beach, we work with you to keep your focus on the things that matter—namely not giving up and living extraordinarily! 

Barb’s Determination Helped Her Heal — a Testament to the Importance of Taking Care of Your Body. 

Last year when Barb was playing basketball, one of the other players ran into her headfirst—right into her rib cage. It hurt!  

Barb went home that night, and even though she was still hurting, she found the strength to take care of her kids and get them to school the next morning. Yet another reason she’s Mo-Mentum’s March Superhero of the Month. 

When she finally went to the doctor the next day, I imagine he just about fell over when he listened to her lungs and saw her X-rays.  She had a collapsed lung and a couple of broken ribs. 

Talk about BADASS! There’s no way Barb would have been able to walk away from that injury like she did if she hadn’t been working so hard to build more muscle. And more importantly, she couldn’t have recovered as well, either. 

One of the things we often forget in our busy lives is that accidents happen. When you’re injured, life usually slows down so you can recover. Your muscles keep your entire body metabolically healthy and functioning at a higher level because a healthy body recovers faster from injury.  

Barb, you are the ultimate example of why we should build healthy muscles! 

Don’t Try to Do It All by Yourself — Let Mo-Mentum Fitness Help You on Your Journey. 

You may be a woman who wants to lift heavier weights and tone your body. But remember, NOBODY creates a successful life alone. And nobody needs to be alone! 

Barb came to Mo-Mentum Fitness for guidance, and she was smart to do so. If she had simply started to lift heavy weights, she most likely would have hurt herself.  

Most of us haven’t been taught how to properly lift heavy weights, or to squat without using our back or to lunge without injuring our knees. To transform your body the most thorough, fast, and SAFE way is to find world-class guidance. 

Afterall, you get one body while you’re here on this earth! The better you treat it, the better it will show up for you. 

Barb has surrounded herself with a tribe who loves her (go Mo-Tribe!), a community that lifts her spirits, and coaches who guide and gently nudge her (and sometimes maybe not so gently) when she needs it. And sometimes those same coaches help to make sure she doesn’t overdo it. 

Here’s a huge thank you to you, Barb, for being such an incredible, determined, inspirational woman. Thank you for showing up for yourself, for your family, and for Mo-Tribe. 

And thank you for being an incredible example of determination and how leveling up your health leads to a better life.  

Mo-Tribe is better because you are here. You make both Mo-Mentum Fitness and the world a better place!  

We love you, Barb! 

If you want to level up your health like Barb did, let Mo-Mentum Fitness in Huntington Beach help you start living your most extraordinary life. Stop by, call, or click here to schedule your free assessment and strategy session today! 

Amanda and Team Mo

A few words from our Superhero herself…

Specifics: age, job title, children, partner?

I am 45 years old with two teenage daughters who love coming to the gym and supporting my workouts or jumping in with me when they have time. My husband and I have been married for almost 18 years.

Describe what your life (and your health) was like before fitness.

Fitness and my health have always been one of my top priorities in my life; it has just changed forms over the years. As a child, I played every sport with my brothers, cousins, neighbors, and classmates and was super competetive. Then, in my teens, I played on a travel ball team and high school sports’ teams. As an adult, I started running and competing in triathlons. Since I joined Mo-Mentum in 2020, my main focus has been strength training because my new goal is to have buff arms like Amanda.

Was there ever a low point or an experience that made your priorities change? 

After I had my 2 girls, I wanted to keep fitness as a priority. I bounced around a lot of gyms for years mainly looking for gyms who would babysit little girls so I could work out.

How did fitness come into your life (or back into your life)? 

This is a side bar, but I want to tell this story. Amanda and the trainers were super supportive when I had a freak accident playing co-ed basketball in November of 2021. Being in the hospital for a few days and being told I could not work out for 6 weeks was a huge blow to me. Amanda immediately put my membership on hold, and sent me encouraging texts frequently. Recovering from 2 fractured ribs and a collapsed lung was painful, but my recovery was quick because of my health and fitness level. When I returned to the gym, the trainers modified all my workouts, but still offered a great program for me to progress at my own rate.

What kind of results have you seen since starting a regular fitness program

Since weight training at Mo-Mentum, I have gained muscle mass in all core areas-arms, legs, trunk. In Steve’s weightlifting class, I am able to do a proper clean and jerk, and have been increasing my squat weight.

Please talk more about the actual changes in your life?

I am super confident, but no weight loss here-I have gained weight, but pure muscle!

Why do you make fitness a priority in your life?

I am one of those weird people who just love working out!

 These days, what makes truly happy and feel at peace?

Seeing my girls thrive, actively participating in my faith, and outdoor activities make me truly happy.

How do you feel compared to 1 year ago?

I was a stay at home mom for 14 years and just went back to work teaching in September 2022. When I did not work, I was constantly at 9am small group. It has been a challenge to get in my workouts, but I have just had to adjust my workouts by going to classes in the afternoon, evening, or 5:30am.

What is your favorite thing about Mo-Mentum Fitness?

The best part of Mo-mentum is the proximity to my house, the trainers, and the cool people I have met in the classes.

What would you say to the person who knows they need to start exercising but is afraid to start?

Baby steps! You have to start somewhere.


Team Mo and I choose our SUPERHERO OF THE MONTH based on several important factors that we believe reflect the values on which the Mo-Mentum Fitness world-class culture has been built upon.

Mo-Mentum’s Core Values Include:

· Mindset for growth, constant never-ending learning – if you’re not growing, you’re shrinking.

· Over-deliver on all we do.

· Tribe – we all need a supportive and inspiring tribe, people we can be ourselves around and who nudge us to be one percent better every day.

· Transparency – We believe in honesty with ourselves and with others of course.

· Vitality – We believe in living vibrantly and living all out with courage and passion.

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Amanda Mittleman

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