Superhero of the Month – June 2024 – Tim Bush

The Power of Community: Making Exercise Your Daily Dose of Happiness​  By Amanda Mittleman M.S.     In a world where hectic schedules and endless responsibilities often take center stage, finding balance and prioritizing our health can feel like an uphill battle. However, by tapping into the power of community and making exercise a non-negotiable part […]

Superhero of the Month – May 2024 – Jay Bogert

​​​Exercising After Knee Surgery – 3 Easy Ways to Move Pain-Free​​  By Amanda Mittleman M.S.     Jay Bogert is such a hard-working guy!  When he started training at Mo-Mentum, he couldn’t move his hips and knees without severe back and knee pain. But he was determined not to let the pain stop his progress.    […]

Superhero of the Month – April 2024 – Geoff Gibson

It’s Never Too Late to Start Exercising: The Power of Beginning Today for a Vibrant Aging Process -Geoff Gibson  By Amanda Mittleman M.S.     As we age, I believe we all begin to think about the changes happening in our bodies. If you choose to age with power, you’ll need to focus on the strategies […]

Superhero of the Month – March 2024 – Ilene Skipper

Aging Vibrantly Isn’t Luck or Genetics – The Secret Formula Ilene Uses at Age 70 When Ilene Skipper told me a few weeks ago that she was going to be 70 years old this month, I was shocked. But guess what? I love that feeling! Finding out one of my friends is aging vibrantly. In […]

Super Hero of the Month – February 2024 Santanau Das

Weightlifting After 50 Is Essential to Living Your Best Life  Turning 50 was a big deal for me. I started asking myself a lot of questions, like How do I want to show up for myself and my family? Hunched over and hobbling around, or scooping up my grandbabies from the floor and twirling them […]

Super Hero of the Month – December 2023 Gail Burns

Gail Burns is aging gracefully.

Aging Gracefully is Attainable Through Healthy Habits and Consistent Exercise I’ve always followed the advice to hang around people who have the things in life you want. Success leaves clues! Successful, happy, healthy people are living the correct formula.   And they have one other thing in common: they’re aging gracefully. If you’re like me and […]

November 2023 Superhero: Kelly Das

Meet Our Superhero of the Month for November: Kelly Das When most of our members start at Mo-Mentum Fitness, they’ve already seen a chiropractor, an orthopedic surgeon, and a massage therapist. All of these health professionals are essential for helping to eliminate pain. But one of the biggest mistakes we make today is not realizing […]

Not All Fat Is Created Equal: What a DEXA Scan Reveals About Your Health

Not all Fat Is Created Equal: What a DEXA Scan Reveals About Your Body Fat and Your Overall Health By Amanda Mittleman M.S. The DEXA Scan Shows You How to Age Without Limits In the 28 years I’ve worked as a fitness professional, I’ve heard countless people say, “Getting older sucks!” So when I got […]

Meet Our Superhero of the Month for October: Karen Klem

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and scolded yourself for not taking better care of your personal health and fitness? You love the idea of gaining strength and having more energy. But you just can’t seem to get motivated to exercise.  “Stop making excuses,” you say. “Get off your lazy behind and […]

Meet Our Superhero of the Month for September: Tamara Devitt

Meet Our Superhero of the Month for September: Tamara Devitt Something we often hear from our clients at Mo-Mentum Fitness is that despite their commitment to exercise,the scale has hardly changed. They’ve been putting in the work. They feel great and their clothes fit better. They even feel like they’ve lost weight. And you know […]

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