A Secret about Heart Health you should know

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A Secret About Heart Health You Need To Know

By Amanda Mittleman M.S.

We all know cardiovascular exercise is one of the most crucial elements for a strong, healthy heart.  But did you know that giving and accepting LOVE (with your partner, your children, your parents and your pets) is also crucial for a strong healthy heart?  There is a lot of strong research supporting this fact. Here’s some fun Valentine’s Day trivia, researchers actually stumbled upon this evidence by accident.  

Researchers at Ohio State University were baffled when one group of rabbits in their study who were being fed a high-fat diet so they could test a new cholesterol-lowering drug, didn’t have high cholesterol at all.  Based on earlier findings, the researchers fed the all of the rabbits for this study the same high fat diet so the rabbits would all have high cholesterol.  But despite their unhealthy diet a group of rabbits ended up having significantly reduced incidence of hardening of the arteries sign of heart disease.  The researchers were confused; they had never seen animals fed such a high-fat diet show not even minimal signs of heart disease.

After comparing the disease-free rabbits to the other rabbits that were on the same regimen, they confirmed the difference wasn’t genetic, or due the rabbits sex because some were male and some were female.

Want to know what caused these particular rabbits to not develop heart disease in such a tightly controlled and monitored lab setting? After conducting a painstaking review of everything that occurred in the study, the researchers observed the lab technician who fed the rabbits one evening when they stayed late.  She was short in stature and she would take out the rabbits on the lower tier of cages and hold them, pet them and talk to them while they ate. 

Because the researchers didn’t want to believe that the simple actions of love could be so powerful they repeated the same test two more times.  And it turned out that connection such as petting, talking to and loving on the rabbits was the sole protective factor.   

Now listen, I can hear you now!  “AWESOME!  If I fill my life with love I can eat whatever I want!”  NO!  Not true!  The rabbits in the study didn’t have jobs, mortgages, televisions or any other modern day conveniences and stresses.  So the point of this cute little article is NOT to eat a lot of chocolate or fried foods on Valentines Day!

The point of this story is that creating an extraordinary life is a multifaceted endeavor. 

The love that we create in our lives begins within us and it is a central cultivator of our over all health.  Another central cultivator of our overall health is taking care of your body with exercise and clean “fuel,” food. 

When you take care of your body with exercise and eating clean you are also taking care of the people you love the most.  AND, when you take care of your body with exercise and eating clean, you are more receptive to love.  

Health is like a snowball, taking care of your body attracts more love into your life and helps you be more present to experience that love and more love in your life helps you to create the health you need to live vibrantly.  


Amanda Mittleman

Amanda Mittleman

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