A Superhero’s Survival Guide to Eating Out

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Eating out at a restaurant or going to a BBQ can be counterproductive to reaching your goals.  It probably doesn’t surprise you that when you
eat outside your home, you can expect to TRIPLE your caloric intake.  In fact, the average chain store restaurant meal contains between 1,500 -2,000 calories per meal; for many people that is their normal daily caloric intake.  When you go to a BBQ it often equates to hours of mindless grazing. YIKES!  That type of eating will sabotage the hard work you’ve invested in your goals.

Eating away from home doesn’t mean you are forced to eat only water and celery.  You are not a hermit. Some of the best experiences are centered around food, however, you are working to become the healthiest version of you so we are pleased to share with you our Superhero Survival Guide that includes 10 great tips to help you eat healthy all weekend.

1)   Pick the restaurant in advance

Take the initiative and pick the restaurant yourself.  Yelp gives great recommendations and you can find restaurants with plenty of healthy options.  Once you know where you are eating, grab your phone and visit the restaurant website so you can search the healthiest eateries in your area.  This also allows you to focus on the friendship over the food.

2)   Find someone to keep you accountable

Tell a friend, your spouse, or anyone who will help you keep accountable for what you are going to a party or are eating out that night.  Make website amandasure and ask they keep you accountable when you get home.  If you have to tell someone what you ate, you are going to be more likely to stick to your original plan.  No excuses, baby!

3)   Eat a snack before you leave the house

We can’t stress this enough, don’t leave the house on an empty stomach.  You are going to eat less when you are less hungry.

4)   Turn away the freebies

Free food does not always translate into good or healthy food. Chips and bread taste good, but just because are lying around doesn’t mean you should eat them.  They are only extra calories that you don’t need.  Don’t even let the basket touch the table – just say no!

5) Eat Greens First

Fill up on salad and veggies before you eat the main dish. Scientists from Penn State University discovered that people who ate a big salad before their main course ate fewer calories overall than those who didn’t eat the salad first.  Check the contents of the salad

6) Be Picky

It’s totally okay to ask for substitutions in your meals. Ask for grilled instead of fried, substitute veggies for grains, and dressing on the side. You are paying the bill at the end of the meal, so make sure you are getting what you want and the best caloric value!

7) Drink Lots of Water

Most drinks are only extra calories and will not help you achieve your goals.  Water is the best thing for your body. Drink water throughout the evening — Enough said!

8) Pick one treat food – But ONLY ONE

Pick one cheat food for you to enjoy at your BBQ or party and ignore the rest.  Tell someone at the party that you are only going to have that one cheat food and ask them to keep you on target.

9) Bring a Healthy Food to Share

The healthiest food is often the most popular food at the party that everyone wants to try.  Make sure and bring copies of the recipe because people will ask for it.

10) Don’t Skip Your Workout

When you eat out your workout is twice as important.  An effective workout doesn’t need to be long, just intense and should include both cardio and weights.

Don’t let your food weigh you down.  Stay focused on your goals and friendships not the food.  You got this!



Amanda Mittleman

Amanda Mittleman

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