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Here is our list of our favorite things AND some new equipment you will need starting in November or our virtual classes.  We’ve been using the same equipment for over 9 months and it’s time to add some new moves!

We’re going to be adding stability ball, slam bell, floor sliders, and some jump rope work starting in a few weeks (mid-November) for our virtual classes and personal training to provide you with more variety.  If you aren’t comfortable with a jump rope, no worries you can do the pretend jump rope and marching.

We also included the wider and softer mini-bands if the rubber ones you’ve been using are driving you nuts.  Although I suggest that you keep the lighter rubber minibands for shoulder work.

And check out the bolsters, yoga blocks, and yoga straps we added too. As well as a few little items to treat yourself to.

Keep an eye out for our  “His and Her’s Gift Guides” in the next few weeks as well!

Happy Shopping Mo-Tribe!


1.      This URBNFit Exercise Ball is essential for your work out and recovery. We use this ball in almost all of our classes. (Will be used in classes)

2.     We love that this SYOSIN Yoga Mat has a carrying strap so you can use it at the gym, at home, or take it to the beach or, the park!

3.     The Tumaz Yoga Strap/Stretch Bands come in different length so you can ensure you get the right one for you.

4.     This MALACHI Jump Rope, with Memory Foam Handles has adjustable lengths so everyone in your household will be able to use it and stay active with you. (Will be used in workouts)

 5.     These Colorfulkoala High Waisted Full-Length Leggings and High Waisted 7/8 Length Leggings with Pockets are just something awesome and affordable to get for yourself. They come in so many different colors and are the softest leggings you will ever buy.

6.     The Perform Better Mini Band Resistance Loop Exercise Bands 9″ by 2″ are something we use just about every day. We also added the thicker mini bands to use as well, but these are essential for arm workout and will work better than the thicker mini bands for those movements. (Will be used in workouts)

 7.     The Synergee Core Sliders work great in multiple surfaces and add a little something extra to your core routine. (Will be used in workouts)

 8.     This is the Te-Rich, Non-Slip Gym Bootie Band Set, these are great non-slip mini bands that are great for your glute, thigh, and hip work. They complement the smaller bands perfectly. These are the comfiest option for leg mini bands. (Will be used in workouts)

9.     Here is another workout outfit favorite, the CRZ YOGA Strappy Padded Sports Bra! These come in so many different colors and is a great way to feel cute while you workout.

 10.   These Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block (Set of 2) are used in our amazing yoga classes on a regular basis. They have many uses and our incredible instructors will guide you in how to properly utilize them. (Will be used in workouts, they will help you immensely)

11.    If you have been at Mo-Mentum for a long time, or just starting you know we love tubing! These SPRI Xertube Resistance Cords with Handles are essential! (Will be used in workouts)

 12.   These Hyperwear Neoprene Sandbag SandBells come FILLED and UNFILLED. Make sure you know which one you are ordering! These also make great alternatives to some dumbbell workouts. (Will be uses in workouts)

 13.   The Retrospec Sequoia Yoga Bolster, is a great addition to your yoga practice. We love that the cover is also machine washable.

 14.   How cute is the Bottled Joy 1 Gallon Water Bottle?! This is a cute and helpful way to make sure you are getting your water in for the day, plus the strap on it is so cute! This also makes a great gift, so make sure it is on your wish list.

 15.   When picking a medicine ball, it is important to pick one that does not bounce. This Trademark Innovations Exercise Slam Medicine Ball-15 Lbs will ensure a safe and efficient workout. (Will be used in workouts)

Amanda Mittleman

Amanda Mittleman

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