August Superhero of the Month

Superhero of the Month – Joanne Creighton

Our August Super Hero Of The Month is Joanne Creighton!  This Wonder Woman is an inspiration and a superhero because of her inner strength and her dedication to her health.  Joanne is a true athlete, inside and out and her passion for fitness and health are contagious.  

Joanne is an Mo-Mentum OG Member….she IS ORIGIANAL GANSTA!  She has been a PLATINUM Small Group member for over three years.  She is adamant about sticking to her exercise routines and generally staying active everyday.  Joanne’s quiet strength is contagious and motivates her workout partners and anyone standing next to her in Team Training classes.  She has an excellent sense of humor too!  You may hear her and Steve Fischer bantering back and forth during their small group session.  And you may have heard Steve’s nick name (given to him by Joanne), Cream Puff!  Hehehehe!

Q & A

How long have you worked out at Mo-Mentum Fitness?

I have been working out with Amanda since December 2013 and have been coming to Mo-Mentum Fitness ever since.

Why did you start working out with Mo-Mentum Fitness?

Prior to joining Mo-Mentum Fitness I had a reoccurring foot injury which ended up damaging my Achilles tendon.  I needed some treatments and wore a boot for 3 months.  Following recovery I decided to join Mo-Mentum Fitness, to gain strength in my foot and ankle, through small group training.  Prior to joining Mo-Mentum, and my time in the boot, I was going to Crossfit and could never do box jumps.  Instead I always had to do step ups.  My goal was to beat this box! 

Have your goals changed since working out at Mo-Mentum Fitness?

  Yes, after beating the box (being able to do box jumps instead of box steps), my challenge is to find that inner six pack!  It may be a lofty goal, but everything is possible.

Is there anything else that you think people should know about how exercise has improved the quality of your life?

Staying active is an excellent way to maintain both physical and mental health.

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Amanda Mittleman

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