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By Amanda Mittleman M.S.

At Mo-Mentum Fitness I am surrounded by vibrant women of all ages.   Many of these women are over the age of 65 years and by looking at them, talking with them and watching the way they move you would never guess they were 65 or older.  Of course being at Mo-Mentum Fitness, all of these women exercise almost daily.  They take Spin Fusion classes, lift heavy weights (more than 8 pounds!), dance at weddings and on vacations with their friends, travel all over the world and attend concerts like Pink, Bruno Mars, Symphonies, plays, musicals and way more.

I am quite positive these incredible women will continue to be active and vibrant well into their 90’s.

If you haven’t had role models in your life that re-defined what midlife can look like for women (and men); active, graceful, happy and healthy, then you may believe the conventional medical model of doom and gloom about aging.  You may believe that once you hit midlife it’s a downhill descent into painful joints, disability and chronic diseases that end with death in a nursing home.  But the opposite can absolutely be true if you start today.

Vishen Lakhiani, the author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life And Succeed On Your Own Terms

 (this is the link-can you add this so people can click on the link if they want to buy the book? And then delete these word) refers to our beliefs about our selves (including aging) as our hardware.  Our hardware instilled in us usually before the age of seven, just like hardware is installed on a computer.  And just like the hardware on our computers we can UPGRADE our own hardware so we can create our most extraordinary lives.  But we must become aware of our limiting beliefs and replace them with upgraded and more accurate hardware.  This is called conscious engineering.  I LOVE this term; I LOVE that we can consciously engineer our lives.

 For many women, the best years of their lives BEGIN in their 50’s!  The secret is simple, women who age vibrantly keep their hormones (all of them) balanced, they keep their body fat percentage down and they limit cellular inflammation before it leads to chronic degenerative diseases, they exercise daily (at both intense and light levels) and they eat clean 80-90% of the time.

I met many vibrant post-menopausal women from all over the world when I completed my Master’s Thesis at California State University, Long Beach.  I measured the body compositions of more than 100 postmenopausal women.  Many were elite athletes (still competing) and many were women who exercised regularly over their lifetimes.  We were testing for the effects of intensity of exercise over a lifetime on bone density, body fat, and lean mass.  Dr. Skalr was one of my Thesis Committee advisors.

Dr. Susan Sklar is a Harvard-trained gynecologist who practiced OB/GYN for over 20 years and then became a practitioner of functional holistic medicine and opened the Sklar Center for Restorative medicine.  Dr. Sklar is awesome!  I have referred many women to her over the years.

I remember thinking, “It will be a LONG time until I need to go see Dr. Sklar myself.”  That “LONG time,” appeared last year.  I began to feel more sluggish and agitated than I knew I should be feeling.  My libido tanked and I gained a not-so-cute little pooch around my belly that had not been an issue for me since I had delivered my twins many years ago.   She has helped me understand what is going on in my body and she and I are working together to help my hormones find their balance again.  I’m not just talking about my sex hormones but also cortisol and insulin, thyroid hormone and many, many more.

Let’s just get honest here, in our world today there in a TON of information about hormones and not all of it is accurate.  Even more, each of us comes with our own hormonal blue print that is unique to our DNA, our environments and our lifestyle choices.  So as tempting as it feels, we can’t read an article and go buy some hormones that worked for another human and expect that they will help us.

If you want to CONSCIOUSLY ENGINEER your most extraordinary life, you must understand more about your body, even if it feels scary.  Once you learn more about your body, you will be able to begin making much more informed decisions about your health.

When know WHAT you want for your life, then you get HONEST about where you are today and you take the informed steps to get where you want to go, you can reach your desired destination!

Come to our workshop, UNTANGLING HORMONES FROM PMS TO MENOPAUSE with Dr. Susan Skalr, so you can learn about your female sex hormones, menstruation cycles, perimenopause and menopause, why we have cramps and cravings, what’s healthy and when to be concerned and how to move through our cycles (from PMS to Menopause) most harmoniously!

Wednesday March 27th from 7:00 to 8:30pm.

Bring your friends and learn together…..we will have wine and chocolate too! Click this link to sign up.  It’s only $5 at the door.

We’ll be serving wine and chocolate too!

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Amanda Mittleman

Amanda Mittleman

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