December Superhero of the Month

Superhero of the Month – Audrianne & Patrick 

Audrianne and Patrick are two of the most positive, fun and supportive people in our Mo-Mentum Tribe.  They are both on a quest to create vibrant, healthy and extraordinary lives.   We chose Audrianne and Patrick as a couple as our super heroes of the month because so often our members thank us for helping them but they don’t realize how much they help us too!  Thank you for trusting us with your health and for being such bright lights for the Mo-Tribe!  

-Amanda Mittleman

Q & A

Meet Audrianne & Patrick, Mo-Mentum Fitness’s Superhero of December! They are definitely a superhero!


Describe what your life (and your health) was like before fitness

 I had a hard time finishing the last four holes at the golf course.  I felt weak, slow, out of shape.” Patrick

“I own a business so under a lot of stress and typically work a minimum of 12 hour a day.  I always feel like it go-go-go and push-push-push. I felt out of balance.” Audrianne

Was there ever a low point or an experience that made your priorities change?

I retired early this year.  I realized, I want to live and enjoy it!” Patrick

“I was going too fast. Felt tired and dizzy, out of control.  Needed to find some balance.” Audrianne

How did fitness come into your life (or back into your life)?

“Saw how much my wife was enjoying it and getting from her workouts.  I wanted some of what she had.” Patrick

“I know I needed to do something, and the “chain” gyms were not motivating me to go.” Audrianne

What kind of results have you seen since starting a regular fitness program?

Huge results thanks to Craig and Mo-Mentum. More energy. Less stress.  More strength. More endurance. In many ways a new attitude. More aware of our bodies  – continue to build confidence as we become more fit.

Why do you make fitness a priority in your life?

I’ve lost 15 lbs., 2 pants size down, cut my pain pills in half (from back surgery), hitting the golf ball 15 yards further than a year ago, and playing as much golf as I want to without getting tired.” Patrick

“I feel stronger, feel the serotonin, better focus” Audrianne

Let’s focus in on the blood work. What kind of changes have you seen there? What do these changes mean for your lifestyle, longevity, finances, etc?

“At my last Dr. visit – he said, “Blood work looks great! It’s fantastic! Keep working out!” Patrick

“My blood pressure has improved and is now in the normal range.” Audrianne

Why do you make fitness a priority in your life?

“I just want to live and live healthfully. I have grandkids I want to enjoy” Patrick

“At my age (57), there is no option to procrastinate any longer in getting stronger and healthier.” Audrianne

These days, what makes you truly happy and feel at peace?

My life is so much happier.  I am really enjoying time with my family. Every day is an adventure!” Patrick

“I love having a place to go and be part of (the Mo—Tribe). I am feeling like life is much more balanced.  I have a great partner, a warm home to come home to, 4 furry babies, and 6.5 grandkids to love on (one on the way)!” Audrianne

How do you feel compared to 1 year ago? 

Alive! Patrick

“More balanced. I can’t hardly believe I am doing spin, boxing, weight lifting. If  you told me a year ago I would be achieving these goals, I couldn’t have imagined it.”

Patrick-  64, Retired!, Best spouse ever!, 6 grandchildren/1 on the way
Audrianne – 57, President/CEO of HR NETwork, Inc., a crazy and loving husband, 4 fur-babies, 6 grandbabies (and 1 more on the way)

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Amanda Mittleman

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