A Heartfelt Thank You from Mo-Menty, Judy Coleman

Wow! Our First ever, 2016 Fitspiration Gala was a HUGE Hit! I am beyond grateful for and proud of our Tribe for making this event such a classy, fun, inspiring night! If you missed it, I do have to admit….you did miss out. HOWEVER, we are already planning our 2017 FITSPIRATION Gala! So you can come next year!

For any one who missed our Gala and are wondering what it was about….It was about inspiration; it was about celebrating our victories over our struggles this past year and it was about connecting with each other to celebrate our friendships.

We also highlighted five amazing members, selected by our staff. These “Momenty’s” had really inspirational success stories that needed to be shared with our world. These stories are the ones that when you are struggling you may think to yourself, “It’s been done before, I can do it too.”

For those of you who came to the Gala here’s another opportunity to watch the Fitspiration nominee videos again! These videos are available anytime you’d like to watch or share them, on our Website and on Mo-Mentum YouTube Channel.

Click here to watch their stories!  

We ended the Gala evening by voting on the Fitspiration stories to pick the Fitspiration story of 2016! This was a VERY DIFFICULT DECISION! Our 2016 Fitspiration went to Judy Coleman!

Judy was speechless during the night of the Fitspiration Gala, and several days after too. She wanted to find the right words to express her sincere and deep gratitude for Tribe Mo-Mentum! So this letter is to YOU from our very own Judy Coleman.

Dear Mo-Mentum Fitness Family,                                                                                                                       

It has taken me several weeks to get my mind wrapped around the magic of the first annual Fitspiration Gala. It was an unforgettable and inspiring event shared with Mo-Mentum Fitness family and friends. I asked Mo-Mentum Fitness for the opportunity to thank you for the honor of the Mo-Menty Award. I truly believe that if it wasn’t for all of you, I would still be struggling with Lyme Disease.   

While my husband was lovingly and eloquently sharing our story, I had a chance to look out at all of you. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for our Mo-Mentum Tribe. For the past year, I have been inspired by the relationships that I have watched develop through our struggles and triumphs. This is a community of caring and kindness that I have not found in other places. You have made an enormous difference in my recovery and I will continue to treasure what the unwavering support you have provided has done for me.

Thank you Amanda and Steve for setting aside any fears you may have had when opening this gym. Your hard work and sacrifice has produced an environment of fun, health, support, and love. You have greatly impacted countless lives in extraordinary ways, especially mine.

Thank you Mo-Mentum Fitness for this kind recognition. I take it very seriously and will work very hard at staying healthy in the hope that I can do for others what you have done for me.

Happy Holidays,

Judy Coleman

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Amanda Mittleman

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