July Superhero of the Month

Superhero of the Month – Keri Long

Congratulations Keri Long! You are definitely a superhero!

Team Mo and I chose our SUPER HERO OF THE MONTH based on several important factors that we believe reflect the values on which the Mo-Mentum Fitness world-class culture has been built upon. 

Mo-Mentum’s Core Values include:

  • Mindset for Growth, constant never ending learning….if you’re not growing you’re shrinking
  • Over deliveron all we do
  • Tribewe all need an incredible tribe!We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.
  • TransparencyWe believe in honesty and being transparent
  • Vitality- we believe in living vibrantly and all out!


Values help humans to make decisions everyday.  Our values motivate us and help us FOCUS, so we chose the actions and focus on the things that will lead us to the kind of life that makes us happy. 

Individuals have values and so do businesses.  If you haven’t defined your values then you will find your life moving in directions that you don’t feel good about.  Keri Long seems to know her values. 

Keri is a quiet warrior with a gentle but driven soul! If you know Keri, you know she is on a mission to create an extraordinary life.  Just walk into a spin class or Mo-Strength or any Metabolic Mash Up class and you will see Keri’s determination in her eyes and the expression on her face.  She leans into a challenge (pun intended) and she’s always willing to try new things and to step out of her comfort zone to get better!

Keri recently joined and won our Sprint Into Summer Challengeand she’s not done! I can’t wait to watch Keri Long progress towards and reach her goals this year and in the years to follow! Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us Keri Long!

Amanda Mittleman, Owner Mo-Mentum Fitness

Q & A

Meet Keri, Mo-Mentum Fitness’s Superhero of June! She definitely is a superhero!


Describe what your life (and your health) was like before fitness

“I have always loved working out and playing sports but I wasnt really looking at what I was eating. I always felt tired in the afternoon so I knew that I had to change my eating habits.”

Was there ever a low point or an experience that made your priorities change?

“I’m very competitive and I loved group sports and I’ve played softball since I was young and continue to play on Co-ed teams as an adult and I played Roller Derby for years but I realized the bad attitude of others took the fun out of it for me. So, I decided it was time for a change.”

How did fitness come into your life (back into your life)?

“I had a friend that kept posting her workouts on Facebook and it motivated me to try out her gym. After a couple of years the gym closed and I followed my trainer to her Crossfit. I loved the workouts and the motivation but I still felt like I was missing the variety of workouts that my old gym had so I started Kickboxing again. Trying to go to 2 gyms was exhausting so I decided to just do Kickboxing full time.”

What kind of results have you seen since starting a regular fitness program?

“I have more energy and my eating habits are better now.”

Please talk more about the actual changes in your life. (Weight loss, confidence, more endurance, less medications, increased energy, better relationships, etc.)

“I’m feeling stronger, I have increased energy and more endurance which helps running around with my 6 old son.”

Why do you make fitness a priority in your life?

“I sit at a desk all day and even though I work for a great company there is still stress that I have to deal with and if I didnt workout, I would probably punch someone.”

Let’s focus in on the blood work. What kind of changes have you seen their? What do these changes mean for you lifestyle, longevity, finances, etc.?

“I don’t have colds as often and I don’t let things stress me out as much as they use to.”

These days, what makes you truly happy and feel at peace?

“I love going to the movies with my son Tex and going on family walks with our dogs. I have also started yoga on Sundays at Mo-Mentum as a rest day.”

How do you feel compared to 1 year ago? 

“I feel great. Since joining Mo-Mentum, I’m excited to workout everyday and I’m happy to see my friends at the gym and sharing some of the same goals which keeps us all motivated.”



Job Title:Vans HR Compliance Supervisor Children:1 boy-Tex -6 years old

Spouse: Jeremy

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Amanda Mittleman

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