June 2021 Superhero

Meet our Superhero of the Month for June: Maria Ezcurra!

Maria Ezcura is a bright light in this world!  She’s a quiet warrior.  When you meet her (if you don’t already know her) you’ll figure out quickly that she’s a special person. 

When Maria started here at Mo-Mentum her primary goal was to lose weight.  I don’t think she knew she was signing up for a TRIBE of people who were bright lights just like her and who would support her just as much as she supports others.  I know this is why she stayed after she lost her weight.  And did I mention that Maria has maintained her weight loss and continues to get stronger? 

In all honesty, I almost fell over when Maria told me she was 56 years old (a couple of years ago.) Today she is 58 and I guarantee if you know her, your mouth is hanging open in disbelief as you read this! 

Maria’s energy is young, gentle and SOOO VIBRANT!  She moves like a 20-year-old! This is one more thing I love about her.  Age isn’t a limiting factor for Maria.  She lives her life all out, traveling, working on herself, working to support her family, loving and playing.  

Maria is such an incredible example of the power of our mindset.  She’s faced several significant obstacles in the past few years and yet, she’s chosen to THRIVE instead of giving up.  

When I say this, you may picture the movie type of thriving with the happy music and dancing in the meadows or dancing on the beach in Maria’s case…..but true THRIVING is messy.  It’s painful.  It makes you cry and question your abilities at times.  Sometimes  life problems and obstacles can feel overwhelming and like you’re drowning but thriving is choosing to look for a buoy and then swimming to that buoy even when you’re out of breath.  When you don’t let obstacles drown you, you believe in yourself a little more.  Do this consistently and you are THRIVING.   

In other words, thriving is having great days and loving them and difficult days and showing up whether you want to or not.  Thriving is choosing to help others when you feel great or not-so-great.   It’s choosing to move forward, ask for help and take action on the things that make your life better.  Thriving is doing ALL these things one day at a time.  Then one day, you look back and realize how far you’ve come!  

Read Maria’s answers to our superhero questions below…..she will inspire you!   

We chose Maria for the superhero of the month for all of the reasons I’ve listed above AND because she’s simply unstoppable at 58 years old.  AND she’s an INCREDIBLE mother to her 2 INCREDIBLE son’s Drake and Trevor and Rocky (he’s her 3rd son!)  

The more I have gotten to know Maria and her sweet family the more I love them all! 

Maria! Thank you for inspiring Team Mo and Mo-Tribe!  

We love you girl! 

A few words from our Superhero herself…

Specifics: age, job title, children, partner?

  • Age 58
  • High school Spanish teacher at Los Alamitos High School
  • Two sons – Trevor and Drake…. Plus her fur baby Rocky!
  • No partner – So if you know someone… LOL! 


Describe what your life (and your health) was like before fitness.

I have always been into ‘fitness’, but had some years in between that I ignored my health. Since the late 70’s I participated in high school and community college sports, in my 20’s I did a lot of windsurfing and surfing ( I still surf). The years I took off were not good. I became even more neurotic, ignored my well-being, and was downright self-destructive. I thought I was caring for others but ignored myself. I got up to almost 180 lbs! Now I am hovering under 140. I was chubby and unhappy, and spiritually sick.

 Was there ever a low point or an experience that made your priorities change? 

I did reach a bottom – eating and even drinking. My behavior was upsetting others. I made a turnaround in 2011. My other bottom was an emotional and grief bottom after losing my ex-husband (my sons’ father) to suicide. It was heavy. It still is sometimes. 

How did fitness come into your life (or back into your life)?

Before I came to Mo-Mentum Fitness I was doing spin and some weights – while always surfing and walking. I started to do some more yoga. As I came to Mo-Mentum I really got focused with the help of Amanda, then with the entire group experience. Everyone – trainers, staff, and other members – are super motivating. Our common goals and fun make this lifestyle stick. 

What kind of results have you seen since starting a regular fitness program?

 I surf better!!! Wooop woop! I can surf better than 10  or 15 years ago, and I am 58. Not to brag, but my strength, agility, balance, and being limber all help when I do other stuff like surf.

Let’s focus in on the blood work. What kind of changes have you seen there? What do these changes mean for you lifestyle, longevity, finances, etc.?

 My cholesterol has gone way down. I used to take a statin when I was heavy. My doctor saw all my levels improve. 

 Why do you make fitness a priority in your life?

I will do what it takes to get a workout no matter what. Even some days when I have a migraine, I take medicine and push through it. Only if there is a big swell – or if I am out of town-  and I am surfing a lot of hours do I miss classes and workouts. But with zoom now the out of town excuse is no longer valid. I hike, swim, and surf if I can’t do Mo-Mentum.

 These days, what makes truly happy and feel at peace?

Being present, being the best version of me, and being patient and accepting of my shortcomings. That general state of well being makes me available to help others. I am not stuck in ‘poor me’ self centeredness. 

How do you feel compared to 1 year ago?

A year ago when the shut down started I was heartbroken because of a few personal losses, and the uncertainty, fear, and general anxiety of the pandemic made me pretty squirrely.  Because momentum and the individuals have been here every day for all of us – I can say I have thrived.

Team Mo and I choose our SUPERHERO OF THE MONTH based on several important factors that we believe reflect the values on which the Mo-Mentum Fitness world-class culture has been built upon.

Mo-Mentum’s Core Values Include:

· Mindset for growth, constant never-ending learning – if you’re not growing, you’re shrinking.

· Over-deliver on all we do.

· Tribe – we all need a supportive and inspiring tribe, people we can be ourselves around and who nudge us to be one percent better every day.

· Transparency – We believe in honesty with ourselves and with others of course.

· Vitality – We believe in living vibrantly and living all out with courage and passion.


Amanda and Team Mo

Amanda Mittleman

Amanda Mittleman

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