Since I can remember I have loved horses. Every Christmas I asked Santa Claus for a horse.  I  didn’t ever get a horse of my own so I took things into my own hands.   My mom would let me ride my bike about 2 miles away to the local  Tucson stables starting at about age 11, and from that day on, I was there at least five days a week.   In the first few months, I posted a hand written sign on the bulletin board in the stable’s dusty office.  The sign said, “My name is Amanda, I will take care of your horse for free. Please call me if you need help.” I didn’t get any calls. However, since I was the stables five days a week the horse owners got to know me, I just didn’t give them a choice!  And, eventually several of them let me help take care of their horses. I got to ride the horses many of those days too. I loved riding horses, but I actually didn’t care if I rode or not, I just loved being around horses. Everything about horses made my soul sing.

I know that being around horses makes my soul sing.  It just makes me happy and I have wanted to share this love with Lily for a long time.  It’s funny how we know these things yet, we so easily put them aside for work, or because we are “too tired” or for a long list of many other reasons.  I know for me, as a woman trying to live a successful, extraordinary life I get focused on what I need to do next, what I need to get done today, and then by the time I get it all done, there’s no more time for things that fill our soul but that don’t have a deadline.  I believe this is true for many of us.   Our list of responsibilities is just part of being a successful adult and it is absolutely essential.   However making time, even just one hour every week to do THAT THING that makes your soul sing, and pours back into your life is also essential.

Yesterday, Samantha and I took Lily and Jade to the Lakewood stables. I had wanted to take Lily to see and pet horses for a long time. When we were in Oahu I drove all over the Island looking for horse stables but I couldn’t find any that were not on private land.  So now that my babies have moved home, that was one of the first things I wanted to do with Lily.

It was hot outside yesterday. I had a long list of things I needed to get done at home and for work.  Samantha was hungry and didn’t have the right shorts to wear and Jade was fussy.  I was tired and I wasn’t even sure if Lakewood stables still existed.  but thankfully, Lily REALLY wanted to see the horseys!  As soon as we drove up to the stables we saw a sign saying, “Pony rides this way!” My mood changed immediately! I felt my old enthusiasm and love for horses rise up and lift my soul! I couldn’t park fast enough! I couldn’t wait to share this experience with Lily, Samantha and Jade. My soul was singing, skipping and doing back flips!

Watching Lily’s eyes light up as she realized we made it to the “horseys” was filled my soul beyond words!  You know that feeling that starts out in your belly and warms your whole body, it makes your heart beat with a reason and you feel like your foot step is lighter because your kind of floating. That is how I felt with Samantha, Lily, Jade and the horses at Lakewood Equestrian Center.  Walking along side Lily  as she rode her little pony and beamed like a bright light is a moment I will cherish forever.

I almost missed this moment though. Had it not been for Samantha wanting to go somewhere with me and the babies yesterday and had it not been so important to Lily that we go see the horses, I might have put this event off for one more week.   I might have done one more load of laundry, or finished my up some of my writing and Mo-Mentum business work.  It is so easy to forget about the responsibility to our own soul when we are responsible for so many other things (and people) in our lives.

I would have missed out on an afternoon that made my soul sing and energized me for the following week.  It was a absolutely incredible day that I won’t forget. These are the moments that we live for. These are moments that money cannot buy.  These are the moments that fill our soul and that we never forget. These are the moments that remind us WHY we work so hard, WHY we need to continue to take care of our bodies and WHY we need to be relentless with our time.

Your challenge this week is to do THAT THING that makes your soul sing. Do THAT THING that you’ve wanted to do for so long but that you keep putting off.  You can do THAT THING with someone you love or all by yourself.  It may take an hour or it may take three hours.  Whatever it is, GIFT yourself that time and do it.   I guarantee you will have a renewed sense of energy afterward, you will have an awesome memory and you will remember why you work so hard, why you take care of your body and why your spirit needs to be taken care of too!

Redefine your Super Hero! Work hard to NOT miss these sacred moments that warm your heart and make your soul sing!

In the comments section below let us know what THAT THING that makes your soul sing is and when you’re going to do it this week!

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