Monday Challenge: Eat More Veggies!


We all know we’re supposed to eat our vegetables.  But how many of you actually get in more than 10 servings a day?   

Unless you make an active effort to eat them at every meal, “convenience” will get the better end of the deal and you’ll end up veggieless.   

Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you don’t see any veggies on your plate: 

  • Vegetables are one of obesity’s main enemies. They are so low in calories and high in fiber that it’s difficult to overeat them and gain fat because of them. 
  • The higher fiber content benefits our detoxification system… so a diet high in vegetables keeps your elimination pathways working spot-on. 
  • Beauty starts on the inside- and a study published in The Journal of Public Health showed that carotenoids, a type of nutrient that’s found in red, yellow and orange vegetables, create the same natural “glow” in our skin that we try to get using cosmetic products. 
  • Powerful antioxidants protect your skin from harmful UV rays, inflammation, and premature aging. 
  • Even though fruit tastes amazing and is filled with vitamins and nutrients, they do have a higher amount of fructose than vegetables do.  So between candy and fruit, choose fruit…. but between fruit and vegetables, vegetables are almost always a better choice. 
  • Fresh vegetables are full of live enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that will protect your body against chronic diseases while at the same time provide you with energy! 

Your challenge this week is to make sure you’re getting at LEAST 5 servings of vegetables in every day.


Amanda Mittleman

Amanda Mittleman

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