October Superhero of the Month

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Superhero of the Month –
Lorraine Navarro

Congratulations Lorraine! You are definitely a superhero!

Team Mo and I chose our SUPER HERO OF THE MONTH based on several important factors that we believe reflect the values on which the Mo-Mentum Fitness world-class culture has been built upon. 

Mo-Mentum’s Core Values include:

  • Mindset for Growth, constant never ending learning….if you’re not growing you’re shrinking
  • Over deliveron all we do
  • Tribewe all need an incredible tribe!We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.
  • TransparencyWe believe in honesty and being transparent
  • Vitality- we believe in living vibrantly and all out

Lorraine Navarro is a Mo-Mentum Fitness OG (Original Gansta) Member.   I still remember the day Yumi and I convinced her to try our Turbo Kick class.  She was very hesitant but I think she was just way too intrigued by how we had so much fun exercising AND got results to say, “NO!”  Perhaps it was that Yumi and I didn’t take “No,” for an answer, but either way Lorraine became a Lifer Mo-Tribe member after her first Turbo kick class! Over the past seven years I have watched Lorraine gain incredible strength and lose more fat.

Lorraine is Mo-Tribe at her core.  She works hard in everything she does.  She has a BIG vision for her life and doesn’t give up when it comes to creating an extraordinary life with no regrets!  This sounds easy, but it’s not. Lorraine, shows up to her training sessions and fitness classes on the days when she’s tired, frustrated and even when she is “too busy!”

Lorraine’s journey; taking full responsibility for her own lifelong health, gaining strength, losing fat, creating more energy to do the things she loves and living vibrantly is one I use all of the time to explain what we do here at Mo-Mentum.  You can’t live an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE without taking care of your body, mind and spirit.  If you are looking for an example to follow to create health, live vibrantly and to fully be present and enjoy your life through both the ups and the downs, Lorraine is your role model!

Lorraine, thank you for inspiring me and so many others!  You are definitely a super hero!

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Describe what your life (and your health) was like before fitness

“Very sedentary.  Slow weight gain, and unhappy with my body and the developing aches and pains.”

Was there ever a low point or an experience that made your priorities change

“I gained so much weight and felt in a downward spiral of poor health, I decided that before I turned 50, I would get on an exercise program.”

How did fitness come into your life (back into your life)?

“I was experiencing pain in the psoas, and gluts. My chiropractor couldn’t help, even with ART massage, and told me I needed a trainer to help me get my functional movements corrected and lose weight.  I hired a personal trainer and had some success in the 5 years I worked out, but the real success began 7 years ago when I met Amanda Mittleman.”

What kind of results have you seen since starting a regular fitness program?

“I have been working with Amanda for 7 years. Probably the first year I saw the biggest change by losing about 15 pounds, but I have kept up the program, and focused on clean eating and strength, and I have lost 25+ pounds working with Amanda and Mo-Mentum fitness, but the most important accomplishment is that I have kept that weight off!!

Please talk more about the actual changes in your life?

“Two years ago, I started to train at 5:30am classes. Being self-employed, I can choose my hours, but I find that the 2 days/week I train so early are the days I feel the most productive and vibrant. There is a physical and mental feeling of accomplishment to start your day at 6:30am, with a strong workout completed and the entire day ahead of you.”

Let’s focus in on the blood work. What kind of changes have you seen there? What do these changes mean for you lifestyle, longevity, finances, etc.?

“I am the fittest I’ve been in my entire life. We don’t know what tomorrow may bring, but I’m convinced that eating clean/organic, having a strong fitness program empowers me to be the healthiest I can possibly be.”

  Why do you make fitness a priority in your life?

” If you don’t have health, you have nothing. I want to be healthy, participate and enjoy travel and time outdoors with my family. Fitness affords me health, balance, and a sense of accomplishment.  I schedule my work-outs and that time is sacrosanct.  I rarely miss a work out that I have scheduled, and I am lucky enough to plan my work around my work-outs.  Here’s my favorite fitness quote: “WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE STOPPING, THINK ABOUT WHY YOU STARTED”

These days, what makes you truly happy and feel at peace?

“There is a feeling of incomparable accomplishment to set a goal to work towards health. Physical health is a major component, but spiritual and mental health are critical for balance and peace.  I love Mo-Mentum because the variety of fitness options help me achieve this balance. Wednesday is my favorite day. Tough small group training with Eric, followed by deceptively challenging Functional Small Group with Hue where I learn so much as well.  And now, I get to finish it off with one hour of Tai Chi with Hue.  I LOVE Tai Chi.  It’s my favorite.  It is a combo of meditation and motion.  I love being able to do tough strength training AND Pilates, yoga and tai chi. This is balance. I have found my happy place!”

How do you feel compared to 1 year ago? 

“This year I hired a functional medicine doctor, because I decided that I wanted to achieve the greatest health possible. I went through what I call my “interior remodeling” through nutritional cleansing, super clean/organic eating and stepped up my physical training goals.  Two years ago, my girlfriends and I set a goal to walk The Camino in Spain.  This year in May, we walked 165 kilometers, and I never even got a blister!”


“62 years young, married to Marco for 35 of those years.  Together we work in our own health/life insurance business.  Two children, Claire, studying for her Masters in Public Policy at UC Berkeley and getting married next year.  Vince, also living in San Francisco, works in Sales Enablement Operations at Autodesk. And an adorable 2 year old Wired Hair Pointing Griffon keeps us on our toes and outside!”


Amanda Mittleman

Amanda Mittleman

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