This quote was attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt.
The most successful people on this Earth are successful because they challenge themselves EVERYDAY!  They don’t wait until they “feel like it.”  They don’t run from tasks that scare them.  Feeling fully TERRIFIED, successful people lean in and jump.  IT’S YOUR TURN.

You joined our Mo-Mentum Tribe to transform you life in one or more ways and we are going to support, nudge, push and cheer you on as you achieve your dreams!

Les Brown said, “We are all born the same way, dumb, naked, and speechless and no one comes here knowing anything, but the greatest power we have as humans beings is we have the power to CHANGE OURSELVES!”

Change requires that we step out of our comfort zones.  The more you step out of your comfort zone the better you will become at living outside of your comfort zone.  When Steve and I opened Mo-Mentum we were terrified to say the least.  At the time I thought that, opening the doors of Mo-Mentum would be the biggest hurdle and from there life would glide forward because of our passion to help our tribe transform their lives. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! NOPE! NOT even close!! There have been MANY, WAY MORE SCARY AND UNCOMFORTABLE DAYS SINCE we opened the doors of Mo-Mentum.

But guess what? Steve and I have both grown IMMENSELY, everyday we have become stronger, more confident and more resourceful business people and we both have a much deeper gratitude for all of the gifts in our lives overall.   We are both stronger than we thought, more driven and smarter than we would have ever known if we just talked about opening Mo-Mentum Fitness.

We didn’t know, when we opened Mo-Mentum that we had to BECOME the people who could run a SUCCESSFUL, THRIVING business.  I LOVE the phrase, COMFORT AND CONVICTION FOR CHANGE DON’T LIVE IN THE SAME NEIGHBORHOOD.  You can’t change AND be comfortable!

With this in mind, starting today, Monday’s are going to be Mo-Mentum  MONDAY CHALLENGE DAY.

Each week we will post a challenge for you to partake in.  Not all of these challenges will have nothing to do with exercise.  In fact, getting your mind right is and important part of exercise.  So many of these challenges will challenge your mindset.  You may not be interested in all of the challenges.  Not all of the challenges are going to help you get closer to your goals.  However, YOU MIGHT CONSIDER DOING THE CHALLENGES ANYWAYS, TO PRACTICE GETTING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.
Call someone you love today!


This week your Monday Challenge (meaning do it today) is to CALL SOMEONE YOU LOVE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN TOO BUSY TO CALL.  Then take the time to enjoy a conversation with this person and be fully present!  And tell them how much you love and appreciate them! 

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