September Superhero of the Month

Meet our Superhero of the Month for September: Deanne Cervenak!

The first day Deanne Cervenak walked in the doors of Mo-Mentum, I knew she was a strong woman who would fit right in here. Deanne was (and still is) on a mission to upgrade and maintain her health and fitness to create her most extraordinary life.

If you’ve met Deanne, you’ve definitely witnessed her drive, her witty sense of humor and her strong, kind soul. Last month Deanne blew us away when we calculated the number of times Mo-Tribe members had attended classes so we could post our first ever Perfect 12 Club. She attended 33 classes in July! We’re going to have to up our Perfect 12 Club number very soon! Deanne is the kind of person who raises the bar wherever she goes because of her drive and passion for life.

It sounds so simple, but it takes incredible courage to do what Deanne did. She walked in the doors of Mo-Mentum Fitness, a fitness studio, after being sedentary for over a year and feeling depressed with the extra pounds she had gained. So many people miss the opportunity to rewrite their story because the first steps can feel so intimidating. Deanne did it anyways, and today she is thriving!

Deanne understood, however, no REAL human gets through life with only successes. In fact, it’s overcoming our fears and our set backs that allows us to create our most extraordinary lives.

We are grateful that Deanne found Mo-Mentum because she is a bright light. Everyone who has had the pleasure of working out with Deanne, will tell you that her energy is infectious and uplifting. She continues to inspire Mo-Tribe by keeping herself accountable and showing up to class everyday.

Thank you Deanne for bringing your INCREDIBLE energy every day to classes.




From our Superhero herself:

I started going to Mo the end of January 2019. It took me almost a year to get moving again after I lost my mom very abruptly on March 2 2018 just 2 days after having lunch at my house. My family and I were very much devastated! She was 68.
I never believed in depression never ever!! Until this happened and I guess I had it bad. I didn’t move for almost a year, gained 20 or so pounds, and felt like crap.
I called Perri to find out where she went to workout because our old Bootcamp closed. She said wonderful things about Amanda, and the team, and most importantly the positive vibes at Mo.
When I say I didn’t move for a year I mean nothing physically. I was unable to move my neck for 6-8 weeks or more. I finally went to Mo signed up and I can’t thank Amanda, the team, and the tribe enough for all the positive energy! Everyone is is encouraging and motivating! It has truly got me going again!
My husband and my nearest and dearest thank you guys so much. Mo has got me back to me and I’m very thankful. I tried the others and nothing compares!

Team Mo and I choose our SUPER HERO OF THE MONTH based on several important factors that we believe reflect the values on which the Mo-Mentum Fitness world-class culture has been built upon.

Mo-Mentum’s Core Values include:

· Mindset for Growth, constant never ending learning….if you’re not growing you’re shrinking

· Over deliver on all we do

· Tribe we all need a supportive and inspiring tribe, people we can be ourselves around and who nudge us to be one percent better everyday. We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

· Transparency We believe in honesty with ourselves and with others of course.

· Vitality- we believe in living vibrantly and living all out with courage and passion

Amanda Mittleman

Amanda Mittleman

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