The Contagious Power Of Your Heart

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This February when we celebrate and recognize the power of love for one another, let’s stop and examine at the mind-blowing science behind our hearts. Our hearts are responsible for so much more than just pumping blood throughout our bodies. The heart sends powerful commands to our bodies and brains via neurological, hormonal, and electrical signals that not only keep us alive, but can direct our mood and emotions. In fact, the heart is the strongest source of our bio-electrical energy. It is 40-60% stronger than the electrical energy of the brain. And the incredible part is the heart’s electrical energy is so powerful, it radiates beyond our skin and can be measured 3-4 feet outside our body in a 360-degree field. We are literally broadcasting our emotions to those around us.

The electromagnetic energy within this field changes depending on our emotional state. According to Howard Martin from, “The heart radiates an electromagnetic field that energetically effects each other’s moods, attitudes and feelings”. Have you ever stood next to someone that was happy, and consequently felt happier being around them? Or been in the same room as a group of stressed out people and become stressed yourself without any provocation? This is evident with our pets as well. If you have the privilege of sharing your space with a dog or pet, you probably have picked up on the reactions of your furry friend. Have you noticed your dog seems stressed when you are? Or have you noticed your pet seems at peace when you are? There is actual science for this.

This is proven in our heart rhythms.   The timing between each heartbeat changes depending on our emotions. When we are feeling a negative emotion such as frustration, our heart rhythm patterns are jagged and irregular. But when we feel a positive emotion such as appreciation, our heart rhythms have a smooth, wavelike pattern. This is significant because our heart rhythm sends an electrical message to our brains that can either facilitate brain function, or inhibit brain function. During a negative emotion, such as anger, frustration and resentment, the quality of the heart/brain communication is poor. Have you ever been so stressed out you can’t think straight? That’s a result, in part, of irregular, jagged heart rhythms being communicated by the heart to our brain. And conversely, when we feel a positive heart emotion such as kindness, it sends feedback to the brain that our heart rhythms have smooth, wavelike patterns that result in clear thinking, or higher thinking capacity. Remember, these signals are released outside of your skin in an electromagnetic energy field 3 feet around you. Be mindful of that the next time you stand next to someone. Your heart has the power to change someone’s mood. Imagine the possibilities! By simply feeling appreciative, you can broadcast that positive heart emotion to the next person, who can broadcast it to the next, and so on. How far can we go? Check out HERE for more details.

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Amanda Mittleman

Amanda Mittleman

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