Do you know what the number one determining factor for women living long, healthy lives is? 

FRIENDS!!  Not children, not husbands, not money. Don’t get me wrong, I know our children are the most important people in our lives for a very long time. They will always be our babies. However in terms of living long lives, having supportive, fun, soul filling friends, the kind that of friends who “got your back,” are the key to living long healthy lives, where women are concerned.

Having friends that want the best for me, who are always in my corner, who push me forward, who are also passionate about their own lives, families and callings, who have their own struggles too, the kind who tell it like it is (even when it’s hard to “tell it like it is), the kind of friends who laugh with me, cry with me and who tell when I have green stuff in my teeth BEFORE I talk to people for the next three hours are the kind of friends I call my sisters! I think you feel the same right ladies?

And guys, guess what? As you age you begin to chose more female to add into your arsenal of friends (of course you still keep your best guy friends too.) Women are more compassionate that men, and as men age they appreciate and need a bit more compassion in their lives.

IMG_8968Living a sedentary life, smoking, drinking to much alcohol, over eating and living on processed, drive-through food are all related to lower quality lives and early death due to disease. But there’s one more killer that is showing up and surprising researchers consistently now. It’s called ISOLATION.   It might seem difficult to believe in our Internet, Information, social media driven highly “connected” world. However, we are not actually “connecting,” by being informed and creeping on our friends Facebook pages. In fact, I know we’ve ALL had a night or more when you are not at your best and looking at ALL the happy faces, and successes on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, make you feel worse! I know this has happened to me. How bout you?

With a driven, results based culture that leaves little time for true connection, loneliness is becoming a deadly issue that many people today don’t know how to fix for themselves.

Believe it or not, fitness is helping people WAY BEYOND fat loss, six pack abs, and strength gains. Fitness is a culture, people are joining and staying with smaller fitness studios because of the culture, belonging and friendships. One of our most basic needs as a human is the sense of belonging to a group. Well get this…..research shows the adults today spend 75% of “awake” time connected to work. They are
either at work, getting ready for work, stressed about work, planning the next day at work, thinking about work…..Well if the average adult doesn’t like his or her work, or doesn’t feel like he “belongs” to her culture at work, how “connected” do you think this adult feels for a majority of her day?? Remember 75% of his time awake, morning, all day and into the evening this adult is somehow connected to work!

Finding a place like Mo-Mentum Fitness, to belong to where you take care of your body, mind and spirit; where you surround yourself with positive people who are also on a mission to create a high quality, healthy life; where you BELONG to a fun, laid back, positive, passionate and happy culture is a life saving, vital act!

 Last week, Darren (I won’t say his last name but we ALL know who I’m talking about) missed his small group training session. We sent him a picture of ALL of us scolding him! I guess I’m giving him away, but Darren is a photographer, and he was in the middle of taking professional pictures….he got a chance to laugh and I’m pretty sure Darren knows where he “belongs!” IMG_8108

We’ve sent these pictures to people in the middle of business dinners (Steve F. I bet you can guess who this is too!) He also knows where he “belongs!” We may (stalk) hunt down our MIA Mo-Mentum family members but they know where they belong!  

You are MORE than your work, you are more than a mom, wife and even more than a friend. You are a passionate, purpose driven human who thrives on challenge and success! For you to live the highest quality life, to be the best mom, wife, daughter, husband, son, father and happy human being you need a support system and you need to take care of your body, mind and spirit. Get your body, mind a spirit into Mo-Mentum for your workout and when you are “feeling” too tired, too frustrated, when you’re feeling fat or flabby or “lazy,” remember that you are NOT exercising and showing up at Mo-Mentum Fitness primarily for six pack abs, to lose 20 (or more) pounds or to become the sexiest guy or girl around! Those features are side effects of being a thriving, fulfilled human!

You show up to your workout to connect, to belong, to be a better mom, dad, husband, wife, friend. You show up to your workout to laugh, to support and be supported and to become stronger on the inside and outside.  

You also show up to Mo-Mentum to get outside of your comfort zone and to be nudged to find the undiscovered, best parts of yourself. Don’t be afraid to discover, or dig deeper into your passion and your purpose in life.  If you haven’t uncovered your purpose beyond your children and family, look for these things every day by simply being who you really are at your core.  

IMG_6609I spent years trying to “fit in” and hide my quirkiness and the funny thing is, as soon as I gave up on hiding who I really was, people started to see, hear and appreciate those qualities about me!  Go figure!!  I know fitness has been at the core of building my confidence enough to let go of the image I thought I was supposed to be in order for people to “like” me. But being my “off kilter” quirky self my life has become more full and much less stressful in many ways.  I love super heroes, and red shiny capes, I hate the status quo, I believe being a strong woman who doesn’t need a knight in shining armor to save her from the boogie man (if fact, I like being the one who can kick the boogie man’s ass), I believe in hard work, hard play, I love (most) people, I LOVE to help people who feel lost and stuck like I have felt in the past to get “unlost” and “unstuck” and I love to be silly and inappropriate!  

Who are you?  What do you love? Who do you want to be when you grow up? (AND no matter how old you are—you are never ALL grown up!)  Do you know all of these answers about yourself?

I promise you this; if you are ready to find and fuel your passion and purpose in life, Mo-Mentum is here to support you!  WE ARE YOUR VILLAGE.  You start by taking care of your body and your soul, and by connecting with people who have your back, by supporting others and being supported by those others, and walking through fears.  The world needs your gifts and talents.  Start sharing them with the people around you….it’s time to redefine your superhero.

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